Offshore platform ROPAX
Military ship field
Ro ro ship is developed on the basis of automobile ferry. Ro ro passenger ships have multi- decks to facilitate the placement of freight units, with special shapes. The upper deck is flat, without hatches and lifting equipment. Slopes are provided between decks
The gangway or lifting platform is connected with each other for vehicle passage. Vehicles drive in and out through the springboard of the bow door, stern door or gangway on the ship.
Because the vehicles carried by RO ro ships will emit harmful gases, RO ro ships have high requirements for ventilation, and many ventilation ducts are set on the upper deck. The engine room is arranged at the tail, and the chimney is placed on both sides. The entrance and exit of RO ro passenger ships are usually located at the tail,
A hinged springboard is set to overlap with the shore for RO ro cargo boarding and disembarking.
Ro ro ship is characterized by high loading and unloading efficiency, fast ship turnover and convenient water land direct intermodal transport. But its disadvantages are high center of gravity and poor stability; There are few transverse bulkheads, which affect the sinking resistance, and the strength of the deck is also affected.
The loading and unloading efficiency of RO ro ship is very high, up to 1000-2000 tons per hour, and the "door-to-door" direct transportation from the shipping unit to the receiving unit is realized, which reduces the cargo damage and errors in the transportation process. Besides, neither the ship nor the shore
Lifting equipment is required. Even if the port equipment conditions are very poor, RO ro passenger ships can load and unload efficiently. Therefore, RO ro ship has become a new ship type with rapid development.
The hull structure of RO ro ship is characterized by a large number of deck s, generally 2 ~ 6 s. In order to make vehicles pass unobstructed in the cabin, no transverse bulkhead is set in the cargo cabin and there are few pillars in the cabin. Therefore, the structural strength and sinking resistance of RO ship are poor.

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